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We've worked all the kinks out to make your leisure time perfect

Rental cottage services

Arcadia Villa apartments complex is a tandem of modern style and European service.

We have done our best to meet all your needs and create a special atmosphere of comfort.

Uintrusive service, present day security systems, carefully planned design and house decoration will allow you to plunge into a cozy atmosphere of Premium class environment. Everything is for your comfortable stay!


Safety in case of unexpected circumstances – each villa is provided with emergency water supply – hydrophore and uninterrupted power supply in preparation for power failure. Support for essential equipment is guaranteed!

ресторан у коттеджа


We arrange delivery of dishes from the restaurant “…” for our guests. Delicious, flavourful food immediately from the restaurant kitchen gets to the villas to our guests. Early breakfast, late dinner or light lunch – everything available in multiple-choice menu will be delivered as soon as possible.


We offer professional cleaning of premises and adjoining territory. Fast, professional and clean. Unnoticed stay of our personnel in the villa will bring the house in order and nothing will disturb you during your vacation.

гараж Arcadia Villa Apartments


We offer our facilities not only for residents, but also for your cars. Each villa is equipped with an individual garage with automatic shutters. We additionally provide an individual parking lot in front of the building facade – it is comfortable and safe.

парковка Arcadia Villa Apartments


Outdoor security – video surveillance from the front of the villa and individual security alarm system for your calm stay. There are doorphones with video system on the first floor, and audio connection on the first and second floors of the villa for your comfort.


Individual heating system will create a comfortable climate for you all year round.

Intensified sound insulation will allow you to enjoy privacy and stay in harmony at any time of the day.

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